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Use your analytics data more effectively to drive faster growth
Use Anamap's visual analytics maps to quickly navigate your data so your team spends less time lost in the data and more time creating insights.
Inituively map your user experience flows or data flows

Giving your analysts and business stakeholders the ability to visually find the information they are looking for rather than hunting for it through a confusing spreadsheet will make them more efficient.


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Show, Don't Tell
Ditch the stale analytics documentation that's hard to understand. Show stakeholders what data is being collected on each page or screen.
Democratize Data
Share your analytics maps with your entire organization so every person can be data driven.
Fortify Knowledge
Centralizing data ecosystem documentation prevents brain drain and ensures continuity of knowledge.
Create a map for every platform or for key flows on a platform.
Capture live screenshots of your website or upload your own page (or screen) images.
Callouts for analytics at a page level and the events on those pages.
An ease-to-use drag and drop interface for managing all your map components.
Collaborate across teams to so product owners, analysts, and engineering can all contribute to maps.
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